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Talk to us about getting published. Jeff Bennion is the Editor-in-Chief of Ignite Magazine, a fashion and editorial magazine. Submissions are handled here:

If you'd like to publish a set taken at the studio, or have any questions about getting published, let us know.

We can review your pictures and discuss formatting and approve them for publication on the spot.

We can offer deeply discounted hard copies of your printed magazines through Magcloud.

How to Be Featured in Ignite Magazine

Submissions are handled on on the Ignite Magazine page.

Here's how to submit your pictures for publication and some general tips on what we are looking for

Steps to Upload:

  1. Go to the magazine's page here.

  2. Find a section under "Calls for work." We usually have an open call for print and for social media. We will also have occasionally calls for work for special editions.

  3. When you upload pictures, you have to certify that you are the copyright holder, so usually, the copyright holder is the person who took the photo. Make sure that you have the appropriate permission from the subjects in the photos. This is usually in the form of a model release. We do not require you to upload any model releases.

  4. Choose the photos you want to submit for publication. Make sure the pictures are properly formatted. For social media, follow the requirements of Instagram found here. For print, it is important that the images are 300 dpi and sized 8.5x11 for vertical images, and 11x17 for horizontal images. When we are arranging images on the pages, we might crop them to fit slightly different formats, but not if it will significantly affect the composition of the photo. Images for print need to be at a higher resolution or they will not look right when printed.

  5. Be sure to tag everyone involved in the creation fo the image, from models, makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, etc. In the print version, we use names (they don't have to be real names) as an editorial choice. When we share the images on social media, we will use Instagram handles, so please provide both.

  6. Title: Don't worry too much about a title. If you can't think of a title for your submission, you can just use the name of the model. The submission, if it is accepted, will be listed in the table of contents and in the magazine pages using the title.

  7. Submission statements - At this time, submission statements are not required. If you provide one, it will not be printed because we want to keep the flow consistent, so we will not print them if we only have them for some of the submissions. If there is anything you want to note to us that is important for us to know about your submission, feel free to let us know.

  8. You can upgrade to a priority submission to get a response back sooner and a free digital if accepted.

  9. We also have an option to have your submission considered for the cover. This is not a guaranteed cover acceptance, but submissions that do not use this option will not be considered for the cover.

  10. Number of images to submit and format: Submitting more images from a series gives us more to choose from. We like to mix it up with a selection of portrait and landscape images for each series if we can. If you submit 6 photos, but we only like 3 of them, it makes it difficult for us to put together a spread with only 3 images.

  11. Image Layout: Images for the cover need to be portrait format with room at the top for text and along the sides. Horizontal images, if we choose to display them in a 2-page spread across two pages, keep in mind that the center of the image will be pressed into the spine. Our magazines are printed "perfect bound" with square binding and the magazines do not lay flat. If you submit a landscape portrait and the model's face is in the middle of the image, there will be a big crease down the center of the model's face. Therefore, consider having your landscape images weighted off to the side using the rule of thirds so that they don't get ruined by the crease in the center of the magazine.

Exclusivity: While most magazines require pictures to be previously unpublished and exclusive, we do not. You can submit images that you have already posted. Once we have accepted an image for publication, you can also share it any way you please. Do not submit images to us that you have already submitted to another magazine unless the exclusivity period has ended. Priority will be given to images that were not previously published in other magazines, although whether they have been shared on social media does not affect our decision at all.

Tips on What We are Looking For:

  • Content: We accept fashion, editorial, and portraits.

    • Fashion: includes pictures that focus on the design of the clothes.

    • Editorial:  images that, as a series, have a theme or story element to them.

    • Portraits: This a wide genre, It includes beauty shots (focusing on the makeup or the face), conceptual portraits (a creative image usually involving some kind of fantasy or creative outfit, or body painting, fine art elements, or compositing, etc.).

  • Sensual/boudoir: Although this is not our primary focus, it is hard to tell when an image becomes a "boudoir" image. Some dresses are more revealing than some lingerie. There is no definition for what makes a picture a "boudoir" image. Our focus is on interesting and beautifully posed and lit images of people. We look for images that are classy and elegant and intriguing. Some of the best and worst images on the internet are "boudoir" and "fine art nude" images. We will accept submissions for images in this category, but only if they fit the flow of the issue. Images that are just "stand there and be pretty" or "look into the camera with seducing eyes" are generally not what we are looking for. If you look at the image and think "Wow, that is a beautiful image" versus "Wow, that girl/guy is hot" is a general guideline that we use when exercising discretion of which images to publish.

  • Nudity: We generally try to keep each issue PG 13. This is not because we are pro-censorship. It is an editorial decision on the content and flow of the issue. We've found that by soliciting nude photos, we get a lot of submissions that are not within the flow of what we are looking for. However, we have received and published some outstanding images that contain nudity or partial nudity (sheer material, etc.). Feel free to submit photos that contain nudity, but be aware that images that contain nudity will be held to a higher standard. Examples of nude images that will be considered are images that are posed and lit to focus on the form of the human figure, such as images used in Rennaisance paintings and statues, or images that show a connection with nature, and not images that look like they would be the thumbnail image of a porno video. Nudity should be an integral part of the concept or story of the photo, unless the concept is just "look at how hot this model is." Images with nudity will not be considered for the cover.

Primary Reasons for Rejection:

  1. We will not retouch your images. Images should be submitted publication-ready. Make sure they are properly exposed. Look at the histogram on your image and see if it is too dark or too bright. Look at the backgrounds of your images. Are there distracting elements like trash on the ground? Are there bright spots or dark spots that draw the eye away from the subject? What is the focus of your image and is it in focus? Are there issues like loose threads or wrinkled clothes or stains that could be fixed in Photoshop? If your model is in black, on a dark background with dark hair, are the details lost?

  2. Is your image properly lit? If it is a natural light image, have you controlled the light to create a professional image by avoiding unintentional harsh shadows? If it's lit in the studio or with studio lights, are the lights used in a way to properly bring out the subject? Did you use on-camera flash? Is it flattening out your subject, or making them look dimensional with shadows and highlights? Did you make an intentional selection of depth of field to craft the image that you envisioned?

Things We Love:

  1. Properly color-graded images. Check out The Infinite Color Panel for examples of images that have been color graded.

  2. High-end retouching. No plastic faces. Blemishes, acne, bruises, removed. Catchlights in eyes, smooth light. Highlights and shadows are not clipped. Fly away hairs tamed.

  3. Emotion. Does your image convey anything or make the viewer feel a certain way?

  4. Interesting wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Using professionals to help craft specific elements of your image is not required, but it adds a lot to an image. We love images that involve makeup artists, designers, stylists, etc.

  5. Dramatic lighting and posing. As photographers, it is our job to take elements in this world and apply our creativity to make those elements more beautiful and more interesting. Did you do that with a combination of lighting, posing, and angles, or did you just take a snapshot of what was in front of you without adding anything to it?

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