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Model at One of Our Workshops!

We have monthly workshops and are always happy to have new faces join us. Check out our section on our workshops here to get more information about what we do.

Workshops are generally about an hour and a half long and there are no more than 4 attendees usually. The workshops are recorded and put in the members' only section of the website. We usually will make a shorter trailer version of the workshop too and put it on YouTube.

When time permits, we can do a short 1-on-1 shoot with workshop host either on the theme of the workshop or something else.

If you are interested, fill out the form below. Be sure to check out the terms below about what we expect.


Apply to Model for a Workshop

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Terms and Conditions for Workshop Models
Model terms

The following are the expectations and promises that we have for models working in our workshops. By applying to model, you agree to these terms. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at any time.

  1. Punctuality. Workshop attendees will be at the studio expecting to start on time. Any delays cause serious inconvenience for everyone involved. You are expected to arrive 20 minutes early to coordinate wardrobe and be ready to start by the workshop start time.

  2. Release. You agree to have your pictures be used for any portfolio purposes and for any advertising or marketing purposes related to any photography-related business of an attendee (for example, Instagram, in a portfolio of an attendee, or in a sponsored or boosted post for a photographer's services or the services of the studio). This release does not include pictures being used in any advertising of any product or for any commercial purpose that is not related to an attendee advertising his or her own photography services. Any such use must be covered under a separate agreement between the model and the attendee.

  3. Attendee's Photos. The attendees are expected to remove any photo that the model is uncomfortable with, but the workshop host is not under any duty to enforce any rule requiring the photographer to remove any photo. Attendees are not permitted to post any pictures that include any nudity unless specifically consented to. This includes any accidental exposure or wardrobe malfunctions. The workshop host cannot enforce any guidelines on any attendees regarding the sharing of any photos with the workshop models. Attendees are expected to share a reasonable amount within a reasonable time frame.

  4. Wardrobe. Some workshops require wearing more open clothing or form-fitting clothing. For example, if we are doing a workshop on lighting, we might require a dress with an open back, or something similar to a two-piece swimsuit with open sides and an open stomach. All of our workshops are intended to be social media safe with no nudity or implied nudity. We will coordinate on wardrobe prior to the workshop. Although you will never be required to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, all wardrobe must be approved by the workshop host because it might not be appropriate for the theme of the workshop.

  5. Communication. You are expected to be punctual in responding to messages regarding the workshop. There is a significant amount of planning that goes into each workshop and not communicating

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