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See Your Pictures Printed!

Custom sizes are available.

Print files need to be delivered in 300 dpi resolution files with final edits including cropping complete. We can provide editing services for an extra fee. Larger print sizes are only recommended with files of a certain resolution.

This price is based in part by the paper that is used, which is on a 44" roll, so the packages are only available as listed below.


Base Prices:

Four 8x10 prints - $60


Five 8x10 prints - $80


Two 16x20 prints - $110



Two 20x30 or one 30x40 print - $150


One 44x65 print - $250

These are base prices. Additional charges might apply. Drop us a line below to get a quote for your printing job.

Terms for Printing

​We have outlined the following rules to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of our respective rights and obligations while you are using our space. We hope to have you as a repeat customer and want to make sure our understanding of what is expected from both sides is as transparent as possible.

  1. You are responsible for providing print-quality images. That means appropriately sized for the size of print you want and with an appropriate resolution. If you have any questions about whether your picture is suitable for printing, please ask.

  2. We will print your images from my computer, which is attached to a color-graded monitor. If your monitor that you used to prepare your image is not color graded, the image might look different from what it appeared to be on your monitor. You are responsible for ensuring the final images are properly color graded.

  3. Images that are printed large show more detail than when viewed on your screen. Please zoom in on your image and review it for touch-ups you may want to apply. A loose thread on clothing may not be very noticeable on a computer monitor, but might be distracting when printed out 30"x40".

  4. If any work needs to be done to the images such as color adjustments, cloning out elements, cropping, or other edits that take longer than 5 minutes, a $25 per any increment of 30 minutes will apply.

  5. If there is any text on the image, keep the text at least .25 inches from the edges.

  6. Printing prices are based on the cost of materials and my time used to prepare the print. If additional requirements are needed that take additional time, it may cost extra.

  7. Prints are cut using a large precision trimmer. The actual size of the finished print might be slightly smaller or slightly larger depending on how much of a border is left on the paper. If you have exact measurements that you need for a white border, or no border, let us know before the print.

  8. Any errors made by us in the printing or trimming process will be covered by us and we will redo the print at our expense. Any errors caused by an improperly edited file or a failure to communicate exactly what you need will require you to pay for the reprint if you want the picture reprinted.

  9. Prices do not include the cost of shipping or packaging.

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