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Pro Plan Terms

General Rules

  1. Do not share your credentials or any of the materials in the members' only section. They are for the benefit of active members only.

  2. You are not permitted to download or save copies of any of the videos or books. They are available online for active members only.

  3. Your benefits are not transferrable to anyone else.

  4. Partial or pro-rated refunds are not available if you cancel before the end of your subscription period

Pro Sunday Rules

  1. Use the reservation link in your members' booking pages to find a spot.

  2. You can reserve the studio on a first-come-first-served basis between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on the last Sunday of the month.

  3. Any overtime will be charged at the discounted rate of $50 per hour, but you can only reserve up to an hour at a time in order to keep as many open spots during that day as possible. Overtime applies where you stay late and no one has booked the spot after you.

  4. You have to be in and out and cleaned up within an hour. That means that you should begin wrapping up about 45 minutes into your session.

  5. You must make the bookings at least 5 days in advance. Five days prior to Pro Sunday, any open spots will be available to the public to book at the regular booking rate.

  6. You are encouraged to book early to take advantage of this opportunity. Because there are a limited number of spots available, you are not guaranteed a spot on Pro Sunday. If you are not able to get a spot that you want on Pro Sunday, no refunds or partial refunds will be given for your membership that month.

  7. If spots fill up too quickly or if there are problems with availability, I might open up a second day.

  8. In the event that Pro Sunday falls on a holiday weekend or any other circumstances make it so that a different day would be better, I will let you know that Pro Sunday is moving days for that month with as much notices as possible.

  9. Only book if you are sure that you will be able to use the spot. Due to the limited number of spots available for Pro Sunday, refunds are not allowed unless we can fill the spot after you decide to cancel.

  10. If anyone repeatedly abuses the Pro Sunday privileges by repeatedly requesting to cancel or not finishing your session in time, your Pro Sunday privileges may be suspended.

Discounted Booking Rules

  1. A member must be present at the discounted booking. If a non-member books with a discounted booking link, that session will be canceled with no refunds. The discounted booking rate is for shoots where you participate.

  2. If you want to have another person in your group book for you (i.e. you are a photographer and the model is paying for the session), I can give you a coupon code that the model can use with the public booking link that will be for the same amount as your discount.


  1. The workshops are not going to be paparazzi-style shootouts. Photographers will take turns and only one photographer at a time will shoot a model.

  2. The workshops will require cooperation among the attendees. Anyone being disruptive might be asked to leave.

  3. Anyone showing up to a workshop agrees to be in any BTS footage that might be used for promotional purposes.

  4. Pictures taken at workshops may not be used for commercial purposes. Any commercial use must be made under a separate agreement with the model. That does not include use in any portfolio or in any sponsored posts or online ads to promote the attendee's photography services. Such use is allowed.

  5. Some workshops will include loose-fitting clothing, or clothing that could cause a model to be caught in a pose that is more revealing than intended. Attendees are expected to cooperate with models when they request that a photo be removed or taken down. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, no nudity is ever intended at any workshop. Any photo that includes any nudity, including any part of the nipple or areola, is automatically assumed to be inadvertent and not consented to. Attendees are not allowed to post any such photos and they must be removed immediately when requested.

Exclusive Equipment

  1. Not all equipment and sets at the studio will be available.

  2. Some equipment will only be available on certain days because it requires setup.

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