Terms for Studio Rental

We want your experience in our studio to be an enjoyable and productive one. We have outlined the following rules to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of our respective rights and obligations while you are using our space. We hope to have you as a repeat customer and want to make sure our understanding of what is expected from both sides is as transparent as possible.


  • Somebody will be onsite to let you and your guests in and will remain onsite during your shoot, but not in the shooting area unless requested.

  • We will deliver the studio to you in clean condition and you are required to return it to the same condition before your rental time expires.

  • If you need any special accommodation, let us know in advance as soon as possible.

  • If you anticipate there being more than 5 people in your group, let us know immediately. Groups over five people might incur additional charges.

  • Your rental fee includes:

    • Access to the studio shooting area

    • Use of the constant light sets

    • Use of our light stands

    • Use of our backdrop stands

    • Lighting modifiers (umbrellas, octoboxes, scrims, etc.)

    • Use of our durable backdrops, including cloth muslin backdrops and canvas backdrops.

    • Use of furniture, props, and sets in the studio

    • Use of sandbags for light stands

    • Music speaker connected to the internet

    • Chairs and stools

    • Rolling cart for tethering

    • Reflectors

    • Extension cords

    • Fans

    • Step stools

    • Space heaters

    • Wifi

    • Access to the on-site bathroom

  • Your rental fee does not include, unless purchased separately:

    • Use of seamless paper

    • Use of studio strobes

    • Use of portable LED lights

    • Assistance during your rental period

    • Assistance in cleaning.

  • The shooting area is equipped with a surveillance camera that saves video securely to the cloud. This is for liability purposes and the protection of everyone in the studio only. We do not monitor the surveillance footage or sell it or view it unless we need to in order to investigate anything out of the ordinary. You are not allowed to disable the security camera.

  • The person renting the space assumes the risk of all liability and waives any claims for reimbursement of any injury or damage to equipment that you or anyone on your team. This includes but is not limited to the use of any light stands, backdrop stands, ladders, step stools, or furniture. We regularly inspect our equipment to ensure that it is safe, but each person using any equipment in the studio is required to inspect all equipment prior to use. We are not able to verify that you are using the equipment properly, such as tightening down and weighing down light stands and backdrop stands. Accordingly, it is the sole responsibility of the person renting the space to ensure that all equipment is used properly and is safe prior to use. Likewise, we are not responsible for any consequential damages in connection with your rental of the studio space.

  • You agree to use any furniture in a reasonable manner. Do not stand on any furniture. Be careful when moving furniture so as to not damage it. Do not eat or drink on any furniture as it might cause a stain. Do not expose the furniture or walls to any body paint, makeup, oils, or anything that might cause a stain or discoloration on the furniture. You agree that you are responsible for any cleaning fee or replacement fee for any damage caused by anyone in your group to any furniture.

  • You are responsible for damage to any equipment caused by you or anyone in your group during the rental. You authorize us to charge any card used for booking for any damage that was caused by you or anyone in your group. In the event that we believe there is damage caused by you or someone in your group, we will let you know and notify you of any claims of damage prior to charging any amounts to you.

  • The rental time includes time for setup and takedown. If you wish to arrive early, but do not need access to the studio beforehand, you are welcome to wait in the lobby as long as you'd like without incurring any charges. Coordinate any early arrival with us beforehand because we are not always on-site. If you wish to arrive early to set up equipment, please make arrangements to pay for extra time. Likewise, if your rental session ends and you have not taken down your equipment, you will be charged in hour increments for any time required to breakdown and return the studio to the condition it was in before you arrived, including the removal of all items brought with you and taking down any sets or backdrops you were using unless we authorize you to leave anything in place. You authorize us to charge any card used for booking for any overtime fees incurred.

  • You are required to monitor your own rental time. Although we will do our best to remind you when your rental time is ending, you ultimately bear the responsibility for not incurring overages and monitoring your own time usage while in the studio.

  • In the event that the studio is booked immediately following your scheduled time, we might enter the studio space shortly before your time is over to ask you to begin to take down and clean up to make room for the next group.

  • You agree that you will not do any illegal activity in the studio, including the recording of any pornographic material. Nude photography is permitted, but anything depicting any sex acts is prohibited. Likewise, any drug use is prohibited.

  • You are not allowed to use any materials such as smoke bombs, aerosols, flammable materials, fire, or anything that causes any odors or permanent or semi-permanent markings anywhere.

  • You are not allowed to hang anything on the walls or put any holes in the walls without prior approval.

  • You are not allowed to make noise that might disturb our neighbors.

  • In the event of a cancellation or reservation modification, let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations or modifications made less than 4 days in advance might result in the forfeiture of the deposit, but we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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