The Rain Room

Our rain room is a 10' x 10' enclosed space with a reflection pool. We have lighting options available. The rain room is only open for a few days each month, so be sure to book early to secure your spot.

When the rain room is setup, we close down the studio for other bookings and only do rain room bookings on those days because of the space that it takes up.

Check out this behind the scenes video of a rain room shoot courtesy of Seeley Photo:

What makes our rain room unique is the 360 degree lighting options - lighting form the back, either side, and the front. We have a reflection pool that is several inches deep, and the back lighting allows you to get the reflections to create beautiful and serene images.

We have colored light options and a fog machine. We have submersible color changing LEDs that work on a remote. Those lights allow you to get precise color and lighting in water or skimming across the surface of the water. Because we have a translucent wall surrounding the enclosure, you can place your lights outside the enclosure and shoot through the walls creating a large soft light source.

​​Things to keep in mind:

  • Bring your own towels

  • Do not do things to cause excessive water to leave the rain enclosure

  • Do not use any oils or glitter or anything that will stay in the water

  • Do not use shoes or any objects in the rain enclosure without permission becasue it might cause a leak

  • Please clean up all the water before you leave within your time slot

  • Rain room bookings are non-refundable because of their limited availability