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rental Add-Ons


After you have booked a rental and paid your reservation fee, here is where you can customize your experience with additional services that we offer.

Use the form below to add on to your existing reservation. Descriptions of add-ons are also listed below.


If you wish to add-on to your rental, please contact us at the time of booking to discuss your needs to confirm availability and a final price. Then use the form below to pay that amount.


  • We do not stock all colors of paper, so we'll need to confirm first what colors you are looking for.

  • For wardrobe, not all items fit all models. Some of the wardrobe items in our collection are premium items and are not available with the rest of the collection because they are either extremely delicate, extremely difficult to clean, or extremely expensive.

  • If you are looking to book extra time, the extra time might not be available right after your session, so please check with us first.

Rental Add-ons For People Who Have Already Booked

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Choose you Add-ons:

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Wardrobe Rental

We offer an additional service of allowing access to our wardrobe closet of dresses and various lingerie items. Check out the Pinterest page here with many of the items cataloged. We have about 150 different dresses and accessories.

For our lingerie closet, we have various bras of different sizes, babydolls, corsets, camisoles, bodysuits. We don't have any bottoms for sanitary purposes and all items are washed after use.

We have regular items and premium items with more expensive and unique items.

Studio Strobe Rental

We use the Godox lighting system and have a variety of lights available for rent. We also have a variety of LED constant lights available for rent separate from the lights in the lights in the fake window sets.

The strobes are triggered with triggers that attach to the hot shoe of the camera to sync the lights with the camera shutter. We have extra triggers for most camera systems, but let us know what camera you have first and we'll let you know if we have one that will work for you.

You are welcome to bring your own lights or just use the LED lights in our stylized sets, which are included in the base rental price. We have the following items available as well, that are also included in the base rental price:

  • Lighting modifiers including a 185 cm umbrella with a diffusion sock, strip boxes, several smaller umbrellas, softboxes, and octoboxes.

  • C-stands, light stands, c-stands, and rolling stands.

  • A 5x7 scrim

  • Various reflectors


Seamless Paper

The main shooting space for shooting portraits. Space for 9' or 12' seamless paper with approximately 30 feet of distance to shoot to the paper.

Seamless paper is a solid roll of paper that is mounted on stands and rolled down to create a curved sweep for smooth backgrounds. We keep lots of colors on hand, but if you need a specific color, let us know and we'll see if we can get it. Because It comes in rolls, we can pull down a clean sheet of paper for each shoot.

Seamless paper comes in 9' rolls and 12' rolls. We charge a different price for the different size rolls. The 12' rolls cost 5 times as much to purchase and cost extra for delivery, so it costs significantly more to use.

Expert Assistance

We are happy to help setup lights for you at the beginning of a shoot as complimentary service. If you need help during the shoot with changing the lights or posing, we offer additional assistance to be on set with you during your shoot.

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