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rental Add-Ons


After you have booked a rental and paid your reservation fee, here is where you can customize your experience with additional services that we offer.

Use the form below to add on to your existing reservation. Descriptions of add-ons are also listed below.


If you wish to add-on to your rental, please contact us at the time of booking to discuss your needs to confirm availability and a final price. Then use the form below to pay that amount.


  • We do not stock all colors of paper, so we'll need to confirm first what colors you are looking for.

  • For wardrobe, not all items fit all models. Some of the wardrobe items in our collection are premium items and are not available with the rest of the collection because they are either extremely delicate, extremely difficult to clean, or extremely expensive.

  • If you are looking to book extra time, the extra time might not be available right after your session, so please check with us first.

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