The Studio Space

The FRench Room

15' fake window lit with diffused constant light to mimic a large natural window light. The adjacent wall is decorated with wall trim and engravings with wall sconces.

The Rennaisance Room

The couch wall with a fake window light and wallpaper background. The LEDs give cool tones and the large crystal chandelier give warm tones from the opposite side giving you a painterly effect straight out of camera.

The Vintage Vanity

Our vintage vanity set with a mirror and makeup table and props. Get the reflection of the chandelier in the mirror.

The Light Bars

LED light bars on panels that can swing out and create a dramatic silhouette light.

Seamless Paper

The main shooting space for shooting portraits. Space for 9' or 12' seamless paper with approximately 30 feet of distance to shoot to the paper.

Seamless paper is a solid roll of paper that is mounted on stands and rolled down to create a curved sweep for smooth backgrounds. We keep lots of colors on hand, but if you need a specific color, let us know and we'll see if we can get it. Because It comes in rolls, we can pull down a clean sheet of paper for each shoot.

Seamless paper comes in 9' rolls and 12' rolls. We charge a different price for the different size rolls. The 12' rolls cost 5 times as much to purchase and cost extra for delivery, so it costs significantly more to use.